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Sup guys,

Here is my story.

For several years I've gamed on a PS3 and used a cheap laptop for everyday stuff.
Until inevitability struck.... the darn laptop broke...
Not a disaster since my PS3 left me frustrated performance wise and I was thinking of putting together a either way,
this just eliminated any hesitation I still had.

Note that I am a university student, so many isn't easy to come by for me. My laptop broke early September and I only bought my rig about a week ago.

And so, after the breaking of the laptop, a long period of saving and research began...
Research, which led me to the fabulous world of the overclockers.
September, October, up till early February were filled with articles, tutorials, and experimentation on my 8-year old rig
(A 1,6Ghz Sempron 2800+ that I overclocked to 2Ghz with stock cooler, not the greatest result, but one I am very proud of since it was my first OC ever)

Here is a little summary of my rig. I assembled the parts with a budget gaming rig in mind.
Unfortunately the forced purchase of Windows 7 also pushed my budget back a bit.
But I have to say I am fairly proud of my rig, as well as the OC results I have, which I will also display.
Feel free to rate my OC and/or give me tips on how to reach higher

-CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 (3,0 Ghz)
-MoBo: ASrock 960GM/U3S3 FX
-GPU: Sapphire HD 7750
-RAM: GeiL 2x4GB @ 1333Mhz
-Cooler: CoolerMaster HyperTX3
-Harddrive: 1TB Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda
-PSU: Sharkoon WPM 500 (500 Watts)
-Case: Sharkoon Vaya (1 stock 120mm fan + additional 120mm fan)

-FBS: 240 x 15 (fixed multiplier) = 3600Mhz @ 1,375 Volts, max temp = 54°C after running Prime95 for over an hour
-GPU: 900/1250 (stock was 800/1125), it's the max OC I got with MSI Afterburner, the voltages are fixed.

I haven't been able to test gaming with this rig, I have a wrist injury and one more week of rest before it should be 100% again.
I can't wait!

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Welcome to the site!
Very nice overclock and keep up the good work. Unfortunately I do not have advice on how to get any higher as I am not well versed on the amd side of overclocking. I bet waiting to game on your new machine is killing you but the wait will make it that much better.

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