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Hail all,

My name is Jeffrey and I am actually a full-time farmer/part-time computer lover from N.C. I'm new to these forums so sorry for the lame introduction. Basically, I work on a watermelon farm and we have many techniques of growing the Melons. One way we grow them is by having them grow in a free fall so the ground doesn't inhibit nutrient intake or air flow (more importantly). So with that being said, what if we try floating our towers in the air where instead of being cooped up in your computer desk, they can breath and perhaps last much longer/and run more efficiently. Now it may look sillier than my brother Jeffrey chasin' after geese in the lawn, but if you think about, this can only help your PC. I guess the only challenge would be building a contraption to prop your computer up or make it levitate. That's all for now folks, take care!

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You and your brother Jeffrey are both named, Jeffrey.

How do you grow watermelons in a "free-fall"? Does the weight not cause them to fall from the vine?
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Mini-ITX motherboard in a watermelon...someone needs to make these this summer.
Hail Jeffrey,

Who usually cuts the melons for you?
Well, Good question! I thought you'd never ask. The melon vines are very strong so them breaking, though has occured, is rare. In some scenarios, we have used dental floss or other string since it is small enough to not have an impact on the shape. As far as who cuts it, well, sometimes I let my son cut it. Obviously with supervision since kids + knives = bad idea!


So back on topic though, what can we use to float the PC?
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There's a silentPC website somewhere which advocates suspending watercooling pumps in the middle of the chassis using a web of rubber bands. They do the same for some fans.

This might form a basis for a larger scale model, and I can see the point. Essentially, if you look at airflow over and around a case it'll be fairly limited (due in no small part to it's placement against a wall and on the floor, at least in my case). If you were to suspend the PC midair, then vibration through the floor would be totally eliminated (making it a whole crapload quieter) and air flow around the case (as well as into it) should be improved.


Industrial vulcanised rubber strips could suspend one inside a small metal box frame I guess.
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