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New thread. Old cpu.

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This is my current pc build. GA-H97N-WIFI. 8gb samsung memory. 4 gb Patriot memory. Run in dual channel @ 1866 mhz. Cpu-z says it runs at 933 mhz. But for those that don't know that's 933mhz times 2 (multiply) which equals 1866 mhz. Radeon wx 4100, 4 gb card. I also have 3 2.5 inch ssd's. 1 500 gb, 1 448gb, and 1 240 ssd. Western digital. Crucial. And Kingston.

Geek Bench test on current over clock 4.5 ghz

Geek Bench test a couple minutes ago over clock 4.7 ghz

I have a vcore of 1.325 and a something core of 1.6 (Multiply 0.4 X by the vcore to get something core) Something core = I can't remember what it's called.

4.5 ghz to 4.7 ghz doesn't make much of a difference in terms of performance. My heat goes up though and faster from 4.5 to 4.7 ghz. Right now I can load ms fs 2020 just fine with 4.5 ghz. But if I up the freqency to 4.7 ghz without adding to the vcore, I get a windows blue screen with error message WHEA.

I've read of user's using a vcore of 1.45 volts. But that sounds to me like their going too far.

It appears even on 4.5 ghz my cpu beats the 4790k at stock settings. stock settings cpu's

I would like to get to 5 ghz. Another 500 mhz. But I just don't think it's possible, is it? The thermal protection is set at 80'c. I'm thinking I would need a loop to cool the cpu to that frequency, right?

Yes I did build the desk myself. I placed a vynl covering over the wood. I used my brains to measure and build it. no tutorials.
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