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New to case modding wondering the best way to go about something

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So I am investing in a new case and here's my vision for it. NZXT tempest case. http://www.nzxt.com/products/tempest/

I have one of two ideas for this

Either way- The top two fan covers will be replaced with a steel silhouette of ken doing whatever motion I decide on the side colored either blue or black depending

First- Background red and yellow vinyl in the same manner that happens when an ultra combo is performed. The whole case painted red. On top of the vinyl airbrush Ken Masters executing his ultra combo a flaming uppercut. But do the flames in an acrylic mold with orange LEDs lighting it from inside.

video for visual

If I were to do that I would change all the case LEDs to red cold cathodes

Second option- Background and airbrush gradient going from red at the to to white at the bottom whole case would be painted flat white. On the non window side I want an airbrushed Ken shooting a Hadoken Ken would take up about a third of this side showing only upper-body and hands or maybe just hands. then the Hadoken in an acrylic mold with five evenly spaced out blue LEDs for those of you who don't know what a Hadoken is

For the airbrushing I was thinking maybe a booth at the mall lol I'd get an estimate.

For case color I am going to sand and use either automotive paint or go to Sherwin Williams and see what they think. I will be asking Sherwin Williams HA. I'm planing on buying a cheaper primer as I don't think it will rain to hard on my system and using that paint gun thing they have for rental at the local hardware store.

For the metal working my dad is an avid horse breeder and one of his friends who he breeds with owns a steel fabrication company. He has an industrial lathe which he allows me to use for various projects i.e. battle top for physics, anything that I have needed he has fabricated in days I try to pay the man but he simply won't accept money he says the joy I get from a hobby is payment enough for him. Enough about him though.

Acrylic is what I am most worried about. I have never molded it my experiences is none. Total noob right here. but my plan was to have a casting company make me a cast then liquify the acrylic with a propane torch and cast it with blue or red dye depending on the set up I decide on.

I have no experience with case modding so any help to me would be +rep of course. Always looking for suggestions on my design too.
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System this is going on is
Core i7 920
Asus extreme rampage II
Corsair Dominator DDR3 3x2 1600

if anyone out there cares
If you plan to use color and have it only be semi transparent I would use a slow set 2 part epoxy or urethane.
If you do want to use acrylic the best method for liquefying it is to grind it up into small grains like what you would get from either sawing it or routing it. Then you would want an air heat source like a heat gun not an open flame. The only way you could use an open flame would be to put the granules into kettle and heat it that way. If you take my suggestion on using epoxy or urethane you best bet might be to go to your local bowling alley and have then pour ball plug into the mold for you. They would be able to make virtually any color for you with their tinting kit. I have encased a few things in the past in ball plug material and it turned out quite nice.

I like idea 1 better keep in mind you get what you pay for in quality when it comes to airbrush artists and it can be quite expensive. I know someone that spent $8000 to have a mural of twin nude sorceresses coming out of a fiery pit put on the hood of his Camaro. Looked unbelievable real when completed the twins looked hot and it had nothing to do with the flames.
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