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New to H2O cooling...plz help

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I am thinking of taking my sig rig and water cooling it. My plan is to cool the CPU of course, 2 GPU's (currently looking for a second 3850), and possibly the NB. I'd like to get enough to cool those things, but also I'd like it to fit inside my Antec 900. I'd be willing to lose the HDD cages or modify them in order to maespace. My idea is to have one self-contained unit. I am also thinking of combinig all of this with my solder for thermal paste idea (yes I'm crazy!) [ http://www.overclock.net/cooling-exp...ml#post4849177 ]. Any suggestions/comments/feedback/etc?
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You know us computer jocks and jockesses are something else.
Like Juggalo23451 posted above "the Antec 900 case is meant for air cooling" and IMHO it's one of the best AC'ing cases on the market (wire management aside) So after all them engineers and little ole' ladies designed and built a "super" AC'ing case, the computer jocks and jockesses come along and want to WC' it

In the thread "Antec 900 water cooling config suggestions..." there is a individual that was successful in making a internal WC'ing loop for his Antec 900
He seems to be satisfied. I just never had the luck and went to external (separate container)

Good luck with whatever you decide and please post some pics

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