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new to intels got a question

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is there any advantages of socket 478 or 775 and what is better
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^LGA775 is strictly the CPU interface. There are a variety of boards out there that support LGA775/DDR/AGP, LGA775/DDR2/PCI-E, LGA775/DDR/DDR2/AGP, and LGA775/DDR/DDR2/AGP/PCI-3E combos. I did an exhaustive chart and a quick summation of the some of the currently available options, at Plague's request, but I don't think he's put it up yet.

Anyoo, LGA775 is proving to be the more efficient interface for Prescott processors. The Prescotts run cooler and overclock better in the LGA775 package.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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