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new to nvidia cards

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hi all

i have changed form ati to nvidia...

now overclocking seems to be a bit more comlicated on the new geforce 7800gtx's ... in rivatuner i see 3 Core clocks and a memory clock.

I have a evga 7800GTX512... what should i see..? On the homepage they say it runs at 550corex1700memory..

under standard 2d i can see 3x 275 and 1200...?

how do i calculate the overall clock or do i have to set it to performance 3d...

some help would be gladly apreciated..
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performance 3d... no sence in overclocking the card for 2d....lol 2d rendering is already a walk in the park for a geforce 3 let alone your 7800....

maybe you should run the coolbits registry edit and use the clock settings in the nvidia utility for your first nvidia OC, its simple and will let you get to know your card and how nvidia works, then go to the advanced options of rivatuner once you get used to nvidia....
omg..lol... there are three states of card usage..i see..

ya for like 2d, you could even underclock the card and let it cool off and run easy, because 2d takes very little processor power.... just a lil tip...

PS: how do you like nvidia compared to ATI?
well i think both producers of gpu's have their up's and downs... i just think that nvidia went the better way with SLI, since it is far less complex then crossfire.

For gaming i had really good expierinces with all my ati cards. especially my x800pro that i unlocked to the xt. I had it for a long time.

But know i think nvidia has better shader implementation and in combination with amd gives better results then a ati setup.

Now everybody is running to ATI because of the new 1900er series, then all will run back to nvidia for the 7900er... and so forth... customers are just willing to pay too much. I remember the days when the top notch costed you around 300 maybe 400$, now its around 700-900$ that is just too much.

i think it doesnt matter which card you will get... just optimize the system around it... all components should work together in harmony, and that is what i did for my new pc and it works flawless!!

(it is like buying a HDTV beamer for 10000k and then buying a receiver for 500 bucks ;-), you just cant get the max out of something if you dont use it in its own leaque..)

btw.. how low would you go in 2d?
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I don't think you'll see any cards costing over $600 dollars anymore. Your card was the only one ever priced that high as was nothing more than a quick fix to stay in the benchmarks game long enough to hold off until G80 was released. It wasn't ever intended to be a full blown model and isn't being made any longer from what I've seen. Does anyone even sell these anymore or was it just that 1 batch?
he has two of them aside with an FX60, that kicks ass, thats 1 gig of memory,, omgzz....yea i would recommend using the clock frequency in the nvidia settings, u can reach it by right clicking the desktop, and click on Nvidia display, go to your monitor, and it should be under one of the options, if not you can open this option with NVTray or Coolbits.
G80? is that the chip on the new 7900er?

i am still waiting for my watercooling plates to come in, but with the normal huge evga fan i can run it with up to 620x1840, without any artifacts and not running more then much over normal temps.

what is the max of the 7800 GPU achieved? What benchmark should i get with one, how much with two cards ? (3dMark06)
G71 is the new 7900GTX512 coming on the 9th of March,
the G80 is the new generation Direct X 10, aside with the new AM2 processors and DDR2 memory, = a crazy top notch system.

Originally Posted by pbasil1

ya for like 2d, you could even underclock the card and let it cool off and run easy, because 2d takes very little processor power.... just a lil tip...

PS: how do you like nvidia compared to ATI?

Yup, that's what I do. My card idles in 2d at something like 46* C, and runs at 250/1170. (I can't lower the memory for just 2D, lowers them for all). stock is 500/900, and during heavy 3D apps it runs at 580/1170.
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