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New to OCN and the World of Custom Builds

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Hey all!

Obviously I'm new here to these forums, and so far I've been living my lifestyle stock. Well, that is about to end because even though I've been a lifelong PC gamer I've only just recently decided to start my own build and go crazy (within my limited budget at least).

I've known OCN to be a good community based resource for such matters, so I figured it to be about time I stop lurking and start posting.

Anyway, I know I'll have a great time here and thanks everyone in advance for the help and community you provide.

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Welcome! Setup looks good.

2x GTX 280's though? What price you getting them at?
Thanks all for your welcomes!


Originally Posted by tNok85
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2x GTX 280's though? What price you getting them at?

Well, I've actually not had great luck getting the cards at the price I can afford with my part time job. I went the eBay route but the bids drive past $220 each usually. I'd like to get them around $200 each at the most. I think I will just need more patience.

Do you guys think it best to get one GTX280 now, take it for a spin, and then get the second card next year when the new card releases will hopefully drive prices down?
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I would get the GTX280, then get the 2nd next year, but then again, the time next year comes, you'll want something new
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Welcome to OCN.

I myself also went from lurking a lot to registering, so I know how that is.
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