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I built my first pc just a few months ago. Now I have moved on to OC. If anyone would be willing to look over my OC that would be great. Any input/suggestions would be great.
This is what I have so far.

5.1 all core. offset 0.
1.35v bios. 1.27v under load.
LLC 6.
SP 63 :(.
cbr23 score MC 17021, SC 1378.
Temps max in the high 70's-80

(MCE is on to disable limits. is that what I should use? MCE disabled was stable but scored lower on cbr23)
(Also concerned about the difference in voltage under load vs bios. should I be increasing LLC or lower voltage in bios? I am still in the process of lowering my bios voltage to see if 5.1 stays stable and testing as I type.)

I am using cbr23, realbench, and some gaming to test.

Don't hang me please if I am doing something wrong here. I am still learning.

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