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New to overclocking...whats holding my speed back?

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I just started overclocking my XP 2600 barton and I could only get to 2100mhz (up from 1909). My motherboard origionally didnt have fsb adjustment but I flashed it with the "wrong" bios to enable the features. In the bios I only have options for fsb and the the ratio of fsb to memory speed. Right now I have it set 1:1 at 182mhz. If I go higher, it crashed during testing. My temp is stable at 40 C with a thermaltake heat sink and my PSU has a 28A 12V rail.

Is my memory holding be back, or is it the lack of voltage adjustment in the BIOS? I have been reading how to do a wire mod to up the processor voltage to 1.85 volts.
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well for one thing u haven't increased your core voltage. And since you said u only have options for fsb and fsb ram ratio i imagine u cant increase ur vcore. I would suggest a new motherboard with better overclocking options.
Depending on the Chip Set managing the MB you can have issues with the PCI/AGP bus speeds increasing thus causintg instability! PCI run beyond 37MHz will cause instability.
Also... stock cooking may come into play also.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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