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Hi guys,
I've been into computers ever since I was young but I never ventured into overclocking. I understand the basic ideas and when I say basic, I mean basic. I recently ordered an XFX Nvidia 6800 XT (256 mb of DDR3) to replace my All-In-Wonder 9800. After I ordered the card, I found that the card has a large amound of potential if overclocked. I was wondering if you guys can provide some advice and how-to's

Here are my specs:
Pentium 4 HT @ 3.0ghz
Asus P4P800 SE Motherbord
1.75 Gb of Ram
70 Gig WD Raptor HDD
200 Gig Seagate Barracuda HDD
XFX Nvidia 6800 XT (AGP 8x)

Cooling Wise, my setup is very primative. Im using an old ATX case with the side panels removed and the extra drive slots removed.

EDIT: After looking around the forums, I realize how stupid this thread really was. Though reading the stickies I still have a question.
How much can I safely overclock my videocard without hardware modification? I read in some other threads that the 6800 XT has pixelpipelines that can be unlocked, would this make any difference to the overall performance?
Thanks in advanced,
- Fallen

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I don't believe in pipelines unlocked, for the risk and performance? It's not worth a damn. Just buy a higher end card and that would yield better results.

Now, for overclocking, most of us use Coolbits 2.0 and in the nVidia control panel you'll see the choice to change the clocks and also if your VC supports optimal performance.

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Like what Nasgul said you can use coolbits 2.0, but if you use the new 91.47 drivers with the new control panel its gives you the feature there. I prefer the orignial control panel though. Once you get it all set up you increase the mhz increments by 5-10 and do it slightly. Test for a bit on a graphic intensive game, then finally up again until you start seeing artifacts. once you see them u just back it down about 5 and try again, if you dont see them then thats your perfect clock.v
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