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Hello all,
I currently have............
i7 920
Asus P6X58D
12G Mushkin 1600
3 5870's
1000 Power Supply
Cosmos S case
2 SSD 80G Intel Drives

The Current Water Cooling Stuff I have is.....
Swiftech MCP655
EK-Spin Reservoir
EK-Cool Master Rad XT 250
12 1/2" for 5/8's tube Compression Fittings Bitspower
2 Fluid XP Flame Red 32oz (Dunno how many I needed didn't wanna be short)
10 Feet Of Primochill 7/16" 5/8 Tubing
Swiftech Apogee XT 1366

I was wondering since I didn't see any threads on the Pump am I supposed to just use metal clamps to get them to stay? I was wondering if anyone had some input on this? Am I missing any parts I think I'm ready to go and also I will be cooling my top video card but not right now as the cooler is $100.

Also does anyone know where I could get sleeved cables for my video cards? I haerd the NXTZ aren't long enough and wanted to buy them already made?

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All you need is distilled water and pt nuke that's it.
High speed yate loon fans will be fine for the rad
Use zip ties or worm clamps on the tubing

The compression fittings wont work with you tubing
you need this

Get a 360 rad if you want to cool the cpu and gpu
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