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New video card? Or wait?

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Im looking at getting a new video card, and was looking at the nVidia 285. Im currently using a 8800gtx on a Gigabyte p35-dq6 mobo.

I tend to game at 1680x1050, and like to max everything out.

2 questions here.

1. Should I opt for a 260 (216 core) instead?

2. Would me using a board with the 1.1 Pci-e revision instead of 2.0 make a performance difference?

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I have a similar card and im waiting. I can run everything i play right now maxed or near max, so my advice is to wait a few more months. I think prices will be coming down alot more.
Price drops continue to happen everyday. 4870 1 gb is suppose to start selling for 179. Itll take a few weeks, but they'll be here. Itll lower 260 prices.
Go for the EVGA 260 gtx 55nm edition it is very fast i have the super clock edition and at your resolution i can play any game on its highest settings give or take aa. So go for it and if you decide you want a better card evga offers a step-up program an great and timlp customer service. i get about 45+ fps on crysis at your resolution on very high
Since I managed to game at 1680x1050 with many options turned up on a 7950GT, I would wait.
Wait a little. Your card can still max out most games.
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