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New WC Build, Advice Welcomed!

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Hello everyone,

I am excited about putting together my first water cooled system
I have studied up for some time now and I feel like pulling the trigger soon. Below is a list of what I have put together, suggestions are welcomed.

Computer (Bought):
Coolmaster HAF 932
Intel i7 920
EVGA x58 E758-A1

Cooling (To Buy):
Pump- Swiftech MCP655 (Does this model also include the 3pin Mobo connector? I need to have something to indicate pump/flow failure)

Radiator- HW Labs Black Ice GT Stealth 420 (Along with hi-CFM fans with a fan controller. I am going to have it external, near the computer case but not attached. Should I get some cut-off valves?)

CPU Water Block- Heatkiller 3.0 (Self-explanatory =P )

Reservoir- EK Bay Spin (This is still up for change, I do want a 5.25 bay reservoir to easily see water level, preferable with a flow meter, but I haven't found many other like this. Also would be nice to see the water temperature)

I just want to cool the CPU, I may expand later but I hate paying so much for VGA blocks. Tubing will be 7/16 UV reactive (not sure which company yet) with distilled water and PT Nuke. I think that about covers it. My biggest concern is corrosion, making sure no parts would interfere with another. What material fittings should I use to reduce this threat, along with other material changes?

Thanks in advance ^ ^
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Anything non-aluminum will not cause corrosion. Your list looks good, most, if not all fittings sold now are non-aluminum (not sure if they've ever been aluminum) so everything looks good.
Welcome to the forum. Remember to fill out your system specs in the UserCP so that we can easily see what you're working with.

What fans are you planning on using, and which fan controller? Make sure the amperage on the controller channels is enough for whatever fans you decide on.

That radiator will provide plenty of cooling for a CPU only loop, and there is really no need for cutoff valves.

For fittings pretty much any will work as there aren't any aluminum ones that I know of. Just make sure to get 1/2" fittings with appropriate clamps (worm drive, zip-ties, etc).

A 420 rad may be overkill for a cpu only loop, but it will provide relatively quiet cooling along with upgrade possibilities so you should be good to go.

Make sure to post your final purchase decisions so that someone can check it out before you buy!
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Thanks for the fast responses,

Not sure on the fans yet, although I will definitely check the compatibility with the controller.

I may change the CPU block to the Enzotech Sahhire, I am willing to lose a few degrees for the price drop. I also may just use a MCRES micro for the reservoir, cheaper and apparently very compatible with the 655 pump.

Only concerns left is having a pump failure indicator or something similar. I know the swiftech 355 has one built in but I am looking for higher flow than pressure. I've heard of a flow meter you can add to the loop that connects to the Mobo and thus allows for the auto-shut down, or am i just being too paranoid >.>
Why get a 420 rad that has to be mounted on the outside rather than a 360 rad which the Haf 932 has predrilled holes for at the top? IMHO fully internal loops look much cleaner and sexier to me
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Pretty much any res that is not a 'res-top' will be compatible with any pump. They're just a vessel to hold liquid with an inlet and outlet barb.

If you're worried about pump failure just pick your favorite program and set a temp level where you want automatic shutdown. I don't have it setup personally, but I'm sure someone else around here can help you out with which program to choose. As long as you shutdown around 85* (I think, check the i7 temp guides) you should be okay as far as chip damage in a failure state.
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