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new WU taking forever?

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So I've had my laptop folding for a while now, 2.4 ghz intel centrino and its done pretty well at moving WUs along. I noticed yesterday that it had missed a deadline so it was starting a new WU and I was a little confused by that but just let it continue. Now its on the new one, and each % is taking almost 2 hours. I also noticed that the protein its working on has "big" at the end. I haven't looked at this before so I'm not sure if its normal or if I got some big protein that my little laptop just can't handle. Either way, what can I do to make sure I don't get these big ones that I can't finish on time?
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Cant you setup it up to only receive small work units. Like right in the beginning when u first install it.
Which WU and client? I have been getting smacked around on my sig rig by a 3340 pointer that takes about 36 hours to complete. Seems Stanford is sending larger WU's to everyone.
Project: 3065

Protein: 66728_p3065_lambda5_99sb_big

I looked through my options and the size is set to normal. If its taking me two hours to do 1% then theres no point in even trying
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I am not liking the new WUs overall. As much as I hated the 511, my ppd is down across the board. Sure, heat is less, but overall I am not fan. Not to mention that since I have only one card running 24/7, I often get 0 points on my updates. That makes thing very boring. The smaller WUs I would do at least one per update.
With these huge new WUs, I'm only completing a few per day on my sig rig.

See the graph here: http://folding.extremeoverclocking.c...hp?s=&u=414625

On 3/12, I did 16 WUs. Ever since then, I've finished between 2 and 8 in a day.

I think the due date on them is a little longer than the smaller WUs, though.
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