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Newbie and Corsair RAM timings

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Hey all, my first post so, erm; hi!

Just bought a new system,

San Diago 3700+
DFI NF4 Infinity
This Corsair 2 x 512 Matched Pair
X800 GTO2

She is very nice, especially going from an Athlon 2000+...

Im very much more Java Classes and Cisco IOS commnads than BIOS's and soldering irons but the extra kick i have easily got out my GTO2 has got my feet wet and im curious! Always built my own PC's and know my way around them relatively well.

I have never before now felt the need to OC any of my PC's. The reviews I have read of my ram, and Corsiar themselves say the RAM I have has been aggresevly tested at ' 2-3-3-6 '. This is my problem, i dont understand those numbers!

I know the first int is the latency but the rest is voodoo magic to me. Ive had a look at the DRAM setting in my BIOS:

CSH Latency - 2.5
Min RS# active time (Tras) 8T
RAS# to CAS# delay (Trad) 4T
Row precharge time (Trp) 2T
Row to Row delay (Trrd) 2T
Row cycle time (Trc) 2T
Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) 24T

What settings should i change to get 2 - 3 - 3 - 6?

What effect will this have on read / write to RAM?

Thanks for reading through my niave post!
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Welcome to OC.net!
First off...please fill out your system specs using the "user cp" on the top of page. It will help us to help you with your questions if we know what you are working with.
Download cpu-z and it will tell you what ea setting is and you can compare it to your bios. It will list them in the common order that most peeps refer to. Bios show/control different things and in different orders so it gets confusing.

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Hi and thanks for the quick reply;


(Apologies for the pr0n ridled ***omatic, imageshack was having none of it.

Im a little confused allready, my BIOS shows the latency as 2.5 and CPUZ as 3. Also, at POST it shows latency as 3 too :S



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A very good read


The oddity of tightening the timings (or lowering the numbers) is that the overall speed of the RAM gets comprimised.
So the most important "CAS" of 2.5 will achieve higher bus speeds vs the CAS2 timings when OCing the CPU.

Check the below link and note the "memtest" segment... for testing for stability when modding the timings

Once you pass those do a full test overnight... takes a long tome for the full testing.
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