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Newbie and Corsair RAM timings

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Hey all, my first post so, erm; hi!

Just bought a new system,

San Diago 3700+
DFI NF4 Infinity
This Corsair 2 x 512 Matched Pair
X800 GTO2

She is very nice, especially going from an Athlon 2000+...

Im very much more Java Classes and Cisco IOS commnads than BIOS's and soldering irons but the extra kick i have easily got out my GTO2 has got my feet wet and im curious! Always built my own PC's and know my way around them relatively well.

I have never before now felt the need to OC any of my PC's. The reviews I have read of my ram, and Corsiar themselves say the RAM I have has been aggresevly tested at ' 2-3-3-6 '. This is my problem, i dont understand those numbers!

I know the first int is the latency but the rest is voodoo magic to me. Ive had a look at the DRAM setting in my BIOS:

CSH Latency - 2.5
Min RS# active time (Tras) 8T
RAS# to CAS# delay (Trad) 4T
Row precharge time (Trp) 2T
Row to Row delay (Trrd) 2T
Row cycle time (Trc) 2T
Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) 24T

What settings should i change to get 2 - 3 - 3 - 6?

What effect will this have on read / write to RAM?

Thanks for reading through my niave post!
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Hi and thanks for the quick reply;


(Apologies for the pr0n ridled ***omatic, imageshack was having none of it.

Im a little confused allready, my BIOS shows the latency as 2.5 and CPUZ as 3. Also, at POST it shows latency as 3 too :S


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