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Newbie help - how to access BIOS

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Hello everyone,

First post here - I followed the instructiosn on the Intel Overclocking Guide to get access to my BIOS by pressing DEL at startup; this has not been working for me.

I use a SONY modem and a SONY LCD screen, do I press and hold DEL or do I repeatedly tap it on my keyboard ?

Thank you.

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You might need to press F2 or something else watch closely when you start your computer it might tell how to access the setup. You might have to start it several times and read everything you can before it moves to the next screen.
Good Luck
What kind of system is it? The modem and screen type don't really help

What does it do when you turn it on? Does it instantly go to the windows loading screen? If so you'll likely have to just start tapping DEL as soon as you turn it on and try to catch it before it goes into that screen. Might have to try it a few times........I know our computers at work are like that, they figure no reason for us to need to access BIOS....and they want them to boot quicker.......

Also, some system use a different key besides DEL don't they? Like tomslick said, maybe try F2.......
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