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Originally Posted by one43637

ack i must be doing something wrong with the AS5 application. that or i need to flip my top fan and turn it into an exhaust. 51C after 8+ hours of dual Prime seems too high for stock settings.

For stock settings, it's grossly high, especially with that cooler - mine is sitting at 39C load, and I'm at 2.5GHz with my Opteron 170 @ 1.4V. I can go to 2.7 and higher with more voltage, but I want to watercool before I go that far (so I don't have to push much more voltage, plus when spring comes, ambient temp will go up since this room has no A/C).

Put a 120mm intake on the side right over the cooler, ram and VRMs - works wonders to bring temps crashing down. Also, do as you said and flip that top fan to exhaust. Also, I see in your sig that you have listed 2.2GHz as your stock CPU speed - with the Opteron 165 you have listed, it should be 1.8GHz stock, 2.2GHz OC'd (if you have it at 2.2GHz right now). If you're over 50C stock, fix your cooling before you start overclocking it - it will save you a lot of pain and agony in the end. Also, for the AS5, follow the directions online - the rice bead is the best
. I also didn't see a vcore listed in your sig - where is it at right now? Also, try to get the batch codes and week number from the IHS on the proc. If you don't know what they are, it looks like this


on the IHS. CCBWE is the stepping, 0546 means year 05, week 46, and XPMW is the batch code (this is from mine, an Opteron 170).
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