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[Newegg] Intel X48 DDR3 Mobo open box $136 shipped

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This board is usually 240 so this is a huge discount, even if it IS open box. But it has DDR3 and TWO PCI-E 2.0 ports for x16 CrossFireX!! It is 775 socket
Some cheap DDR3 4GB ram also: G-Skill
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gr8 deal, + REP!!!!
Are Intel made boards any good? I would assume they would be just as good, but I have this mindset that boards made by companies that are there to make them are better.
The specs and reviews look pretty good to me, but personally, I have never used an Intel Mobo(The P5Q Pro is the only Mobo I ever used, and I have two builds with it so far, but they were last month)
intel mobos are GREAT for running anything stock
best motherboards i've ever used for anything stock, everything works as intended in most conditions.

i have no idea on their overclocking capabilities, never used an intel board for any OCing
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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