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Newegg Open Box Dead Pixels?

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Do Open Box LCDs from Newegg have dead pixels or something?
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No. I don't think NewEgg would sell merchandise that they KNEW had dead pixels.

Open box products are products returned because they weren't liked or wanted something better.
Not always, not always, sometimes they are opened by manufactures or retailers to test.
If it fails you can always RMA. If there is an essential piece you may need that is expensive or hard to find other than the main item it is risky also. Overall I have heard from others that open box from newegg was a good deal.
Check the manufacturers warranty on dead pixels because that is who you are going to be working through if it has any dead pixels. I personally wouldn't buy a monitor open box unless it saved you a bunch. Generally things like video cards, mother boards and CPUs, I think, are better open box products because if anything is wrong with them, a manufacturer will usually replace it very easily. For monitors, it's kinda hard to convince a company to replace one if it has a few dead pixels.
Most Open box's are in good decent condition, most like brand new. Nothing wrong with them.
Well I just ordered this Asus VW266H for $249 Shipped
But with open box items you don't get that satisfaction of opening the sealed box and seeing the untouched item! Call me weird but I like that
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Sometimes they don't come with the accessories, and manuals.
Technically they don't sell defective items as open box. That being said, the 2 open-box items I've gotten from newegg were unfortunately defective. So I stopped buying open-box items. The cynic in me thinks that they don't even check returned items before listing them as open-box for sale...

On the other hand, a lot of people have had great experience with their open-box items, so it goes both ways. I'd rather just buy a new product and not have to worry about the headache later...
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Ill bet most of them do have dead pixels and they were returned for that very reason. Newegg is fail and thinks its a working product unless it has 8 dead pixels, so a monitor with 7 dead pixels is not defective in their eyes. I would stay away.
I dont know if I would get a monitor open box but I have gotten probably 5 or 6 mobos open box and everyone of them worked flawlessly.
They may have dead pixels. Dead pixels aren't considered a defect unless there is a certain amount of them.

Personally with a monitor, I won't get an open box unless it is really cheap. I want the satisfaction of opening a brand new sealed monitor and seeing a nice clean screen.
Well I got it in!!....No dead pixels just some little ruboff scuffs

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