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Here are a few decent psu deals I found today all good unitsso here we go

first off we got the 750 watt units

very good unit pretty much the same internally as the new Corsair gold hx750 at an excellent price

$120 - $30 rebate puts it at $90 for a great psu backed by enermax

LEPA G Series G750

A decent fully modular unit and the best value fully modular unit in its class same unit internally as the silverstone 750 gold



the old war horse the corsair hx750 gold at a decent price lately with promo code

$140 - $10 promo puts it at $130


the other old war horse in the form of the Corsair tx850M

$125 - $15 rebate puts it at $110 for those on a stricter budget for a good 850 watt unit

CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850M

another great deal on a fully modular 850 gold unit

$165 - $20 rebate puts it at a good $145

SILVERSTONE Strider Gold Evolution SST-ST85F-G

Nzxt seems to have released their new units but it doesn't mean the older ones are bad by any shot they should be becoming rarer now since we in the eol stock pile now

850 hale90

1 of the top 4 850 plat units you can buy today for an insane price of only $180 which i can hardly believe for this quality
There is now a 20% promo on this which makes it an even better deal

only $144 for one of the best 850 watt psu's out right now

Kingwin plat 850

promo code seems to be on quite few kingwin psu's right now

pc power and cooling uses the same unit as kingwin now also super flower also excellent performer

$170- 10 rebate makes it $160 for a great psu

PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk III Series 850W

This is the deal of the month on this excellent a full 1kw unit for the price of a 750 watt unit

its sister unit which its based on the enermax 1000 maxrevo is $245 as it stands now

this is now $150 - $20 rebate makes this only $130

LEPA G1000

this is from superflower as well under the azza name this was and still is the only unit i know of the actually matches the seasonic 1000 plat blow for blow

$200 - $20 rebate makes this $180

AZZA PSAZ-1000PT14 1000W

all listed units are great performers and many are leading performers in thei class

thats all for today so be safe and get a good psu to match you dream system today

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Originally Posted by jagz View Post

Something for less power hungry rigs: XFX Core Edition PRO550W $55 w/ promo. $40 after MIR.

Quite good for 40 bucks.
missed that one but a good deal nonetheless nice find
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