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Newegg selling used SSDs?

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I saw a post on here about someone saying they got it shipped from the RMA dept. Well I too had mine shipped form there. I just opened the package and there was a foil sticker on there which had not been broken. Upon opening it and looking at the actual drive it totally looks like someone has used this the bottom looks like its been cleaned and also there are scratches on the bottom!!! I dunno this seems really shady to me I'm going for a RMA. Anyone else encounter this?
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If you bought it brand new and its not open box then this is unacceptable. Call up and complain.
Actually, I know what's going on. First, no one has used your drive. I had a similar issue happen to me, and if I could scan the shipping box I would show you. What happens is that they hold new products at their RMA center just like they would a warehouse. It's how they maximize storage utilization. They don't ship open box items unless you purchased one. If there are scratches, it was probably done at the factory and this is a coincidence. I wasn't happy when I got my processor from the RMA warehouse until I found out it was brand new.

I hope this gives you piece of mind.
If you bought it as an open box, then that is what you can expect.
If you bought it as new, call asap and get a new one.
It's supposed to be new, it was purchased during black friday sell. It came in a static envelope with a foil sticker from Intel. But like that other person said kinda wierd it came from the RMA dept. That and it has obvious scrathes all over the bottom.
mine came from zzf like that and looks brand new. I'm assuming these are just oem drives w/o all the retail packaging. I saw nothing that leads me to believe it was used.
Whoa!I bought it off Chiefvalue, but how do you know it came from the rma dept? The bottom looked all clean and I got a foil sticker as well.
Yeah Messy, Mine looks like yours on the bottom!

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Yeah Messy, Mine looks like yours on the bottom!

So it was supposed to be new too and your thinking it's used, or that's just how they look new?
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All I know is that I got it yesterday... How did you know it came from Rma? I was fishy when I got it al ldirty on the bottom but the performance is really good. On crystal mark i get 265 read and 90 write
Just a thought... But could it be the manufacturers dont package the drives the same as they would a traditional HDD since they have no moving parts, and therefore are shelved insteap of foam or bubble wrapped to protect them from shock?
Lil scratches I might understand shipping dmgs, but it looks like it has been polished or cleaned on the bottom.
I agree. What scared me is that My intel box was open when I opened my newegg box. What the heck? The side that didn't have the specs sticker on it was open but not bent. Hows your performance tho messy?
I didn't even install it. Don't plan on it too. My box wasn't stickered on one side too. They're issuing me an RMA. I asked if it was used and they replied, "This item was not used. It should be the problem when the manufacturer produce it."
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