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News on Samsumg Backlit Monitors P2370L???

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Just curious if anyone has heard any news about the new line of Samsung Backlit LED Monitors that was launched at CES?

Specifically, I am curious about the P2370L and/or P2270L. Seem like a slick monitor for gaming. Thought it was supposed to be released in Q1 2009....still haven't heard/seen anything to confirm that.

P.S. Please don't bash this product because it most likely has a TN panel! For that price and response times of 2ms...it is what it is.
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Yeah ive heard of it.. wish it comes out here in LA soon..

its a 16:9 monitor, only DVI connection, there is the LED backlight type w/c is the thin version and the CCFL type 2-3.5 times thicker but both looks the same.

It seems that it doesnt have any height adjustments but it swivels.. dunno of it even tilts.

others said that its a 23" and a 22" from their model names.

they said that the price for the LED type is 400 usd while 300 for the CCFL..

its almost freakin april, when will they release this?
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Ive been looking around everywhere for info on this cant seem to find any. Ill be watchin the thread, hopefully someone knows.
I just put the CCFL version (P2370 rather than P2370L. The L signifies LED Blacklighting.) on display at my Best Buy today. they are so sexy. Your local best Buy should have them on display by the end of the week. The P2370 will be mine soon. I can take pics tomorrow maybe if you want. They are so thin.
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