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OK, I just upgraded (in Sig). Now what should my next step be? Should I go and get the i7 920, new board & DDR3 or should I just go and grab 3 x 285's and hold off on the other parts?

And yes, I know the 9500GT's are "Weak".

This is done after every sale I make. So, would have to save up the money after each sale. Just wondering what my steps should be.
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You're going to want to upgrade your processor first because the 285's will be a waste, the processor will bottleneck it severely.
I thought that. What mobo to get now is the question. Would like to stay with NVidia, but might have a 5870 coming back to me with no use.
With your current setup I would get a 285 and crank that e8400 up,if your looking to update the whole system consider a i5 setup would be a nice upgrade(price/performance).Then you could cf the 5870.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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