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It's time to present you a new version of NextSensor 1.0 RC2! The main feature of the latest NextSensor is an ability to use external plug-ins that could be quickly created using our simplest plug-in interface! Just download a source code of demo plug-in and begin creating! The plug-in is good to enhance NextSensor's functionality without its any interface redesign or increasing its file size. As for us, we promise you to create absolutely unique plug-in for NxS that could be used to highly efficient temperature decreasing of the AMD processor using a CPU clock throttling method. Enjoy!

Source: CBId
Download: Build 0202 RC2


NextSensor is an extremely easy to use temperature and voltage monitoring tool with an advanced graphic interface. Provides probing of Vcore, VDIMM, VAGP, VBAT, 5VSB, 3VSB, +12, -12, +5V, -5V, +3.3V sensor lines. Shows the temperature of the Processor, the North Bridge and the Hard Disk on the Tray Bar using separate LED indicators. The program is capable to monitor negative temperatures and three FAN speeds. The current version supports Winbond Super I/O LPC chips only.

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