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NF4 PSU requirements

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I'm wondering what the minimum power requirements for the nforce4 chipset are. I have a NF4 754 mobo, and my 350W Enermax Noisetaker doesn't seem to be doing the trick, I get Standby and DRAM LEDs, and the Northbridge fan spins a little bit (this is with everything un-needed unplugged)

The manual recommends a min. 400W PSU, and dfi-street rcommends a 480W PSU.

I've narrowed it down to Enermax Noisetaker 485W, and Antec TruePower 2 480W. Would either of these do the trick? Also would a 400-420 W do it, or s hould I just shell out the extra cash for the extra 60-80 watts?

Enermax Noisetaker 485:
+3.3V: 55A (max) +5V: 48A (max) +12V1 & +12V2: 20A + 18A (max)

Antec TP2 480W:
+3.3V: 30A (max) +5V: 38A (max) +12V1: 18A (max) +12V2: 18A (max)
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Hmm my Antec 350 W works great but I dont have a DFI board.
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You would have to spend about $50 more on a PSU to really start beating the Antec, so go for it!
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get a sunbeam nuuo or the seasonic s12-500
The Sunbeam isn't sold anywhere in my area, and I'm not gonna pay shipping on a 5 pound PSU from BC (where NCIX is).

And the Seasonic is twice as much as the PSU's i listed....just a tad out of my price range

EDIT: So does everyone agree the Antec will be better than the Enermax?
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Originally Posted by Progenicus

EDIT: So does everyone agree the Antec will be better than the Enermax?

Damn Straight!
Not that the Enermax is bad, just that the Antec is great.
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Enermax makes better psus than Antec... especially lately. The only Antec I'd get is a NeoHE
How about the Topower 450 P5?

ncsa recommends the Topower 550 for DFI NF4 boards, and apparently the P5 series is almost the same as OCZ Powerstream??
Tweako, I live in the suburbs of Toronto. Do you know of any stores (preferably with a retail store) in the GTA? Best I've found so far is www.canadacomputers.com

Fox, Egg doesn't ship to Canada.

Anyone know anything about these Topowers?
ya man..
you just said what i was going to.
Canada computers is the best ive found.
Cheapest in canada. sometimes cheaper than the US.
only problem is the people who work there are idiots.
at least in the waterloo location
bigfootcomputers.com is in toronto too
but doesnt have the prices nor some of the items but it has some more items geared towards modders
I just picked up an Antec Truepower 2 480W. Looks like it's what I needed. Thanks for the help guys.
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