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NIB Pioneer 12x BDR-208DBK (OEM)

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Selling to raise money to purchase a DIY CNC kit.

Was going to use this in my Prodigy ATX build and decided to go with a laptop drive instead so I don't need it as much as I want a CNC.
Drive and manual only.
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This work good? Any issues, price include ship?
Originally Posted by Mr Bear View Post

This work good? Any issues, price include ship?
Don't know if it works good or if there are any issues I never used it. I can connect it and do some playback and burn tests on it if you like. I have some Blu Rays I need to burn anyway.
Price does not include shipping my best guess on shipping is around $7.00 via USPS priority mail, FedEx Home Delivery would be more and I won't ship UPS (bad experience).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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