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NIC surge protection?

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So I had yet another lightning strike near my house and this time my sisters onboard NIC is dead. Unlike mine, windows just cannot detect it exists at all. It doesn't light up anymore, windows says no adapters are existent. Tried resetting the bios and disable/enabling onboard lan but no dice. After I pick up ANOTHER NIC, what can I do to protect against this crap?
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They do sell Ethernet surge suppressors.

This wasn't that hard ...


Most lightning strike damage comes from cable modems or routers getting struck via the cable that runs outdoors and not being properly grounded where it comes into the house. Once the surge gets in the router, it may travel to other grounded devices in the house -- like the computer, where it hits the NIC. She's really lucky it didn't fry the entire motherboard and/or power supply in addition to the NIC chipset. The NIC "took one for the team" so to speak.

Modem and router all work perfectly fine though. It happened to me a week ago too. I found all these things of different prices already, I was looking for a more precise answer. I might just buy a power strip surge protector that has lan on it, but I was looking more for an exact thing thats good to buy. If something as simple as Link can assure me protection than I will buy it. Or perhaps a power strip with ethernet would be better.

Only the NICs on our PCs got blown. The power went out when it happened.

woukd link work better and be placed say between the router and modem? Or would it be better to get some kind of coax grounder for the line? Or maybe I should complain to TWC and ask them why its not grounded properly outside?
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