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Ninox Venator - Black


Sensor model: Pixart® PMW-3360
Max tracking speed: 250+ IPS
Max acceleration: 50G
Max FPS: 12,000
Max DPI: 12,000
LOD: ~2mm
Angle snapping: None
Added smoothing: None
Built in acceleration: None
USB polling rate: 1000hz (1ms)
Very low latency tracking and button response
Synchronized mouse movement data with USB polling rate

All settings adjustable on mouse
Editable Profiles: 3
Selectable DPI Steps Per Profile: •400 •800 •1000** •1200 •1400** •1600 •1800** •2000 •4000 •6000** •8000 •12000
Selectable LED Colours Per Profile: White, Red, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Blue, Sky Blue, Cyan, Green, Toxic Green, Yellow, Orange
Selectable LED Brightness Per Profile: 0% (off), 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Selectable Lift Off Distance (LOD)**: Low, High
Selectable USB Polling Rate**: 500hz, 1000hz
Factory Set Profiles:
Profile 1: 400 DPI / Red LED / 100% Brightness
Profile 2: 800 DPI / Blue LED / 100% Brightness
Profile 3: 1600 DPI / Green LED / 100% Brightness

Main buttons rated to 50 million clicks each, using Omron® microswitches (Model: Omron® D2FC-F-K(50M))
Custom TTC® Mechanical scroll wheel with ultra long life and improved tactile response
Flexible and strong cord, with stress protection
100% PTFE mouse feet

Buttons (6 in total):
2x Main buttons
2x Side buttons
1x Top button
1x Scroll wheel button
Weight: ~80 grams (without cord)
Dimensions: 122(L) x 62(W) x 40(H) mm


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Ninox Venator (Black) Review

review by vanir1337

Even though this review was sponsored I'm still 100% unbiased, and I'm very picky when it comes to mice - you can see that in my forum sig as well.


Same as the white version's - this sentence will be repeated quite a few times, sorry in advance. So it's pretty much a standard mouse box, with some information about the mouse printed on it. The front panel has a transparent plastic cutout, so you can peek inside.
It contains a mouse (surprise), a guide, and an extra set of feet.

Shape, Weight, Surface

It's a small-medium sized, ambidextrous mouse, mainly focused on right-handed users, as there are side buttons on the left side only. The shape is rather close to a Zowie ZA13, but it's a bit taller on the front and more narrow at the back.

It weighs around 80 grams, which is fairly light for a mouse of this size. I would say this is the perfect weight for my taste. The weight is rather balanced as well.

The top is coated with some matte UV coating, which collects fingerprints like I collect mice. Cleaning's not much of a hassle though, so it doesn't bother me at all. The side is uncoated, textured ABS plastic. It can get slippery when wet, so if your hands are sweaty you might consider using some kind of a grip tape on these areas.

Build Quality

This aspect has improved so much since the first version it's off the charts. There is almost zero creaking on my copy when I press it with a reasonable force (obviously it creaks if I squeeze the sides very very hard). No brutal rattling either. There was a little noice when I shook the mouse, but I realized it was the cable at it's the entry point. A tiny peck of Blu Tack fixed it.


Logitech G102

Zowie ZA12

Microsoft IME 3.0

Microsoft WMO


There's static lightning in predefined colors that you can assign to the 3 main profiles. You can read all about setting it up here.


This is the part where the mouse improved the most since the last iteration. The switches are Omron D2FC-F-K(50M) models, which should last 50 million clicks. I'm pretty convinced they'll die earlier, because of the QC standards in 2017. This affects pretty much all the newer mice out there.

My right main button had some pretravel, but I've fixed that easily with some electrical tape. The left button was perfectly crisp out of the box, very good click feeling, way better than on my Zowie ZA12. Almost G102 level. There's some post-travel after the acutation but it didn't bother me half as much as it did on the Rival/Sensei 310.

The scroll wheel encoder was manufactured by a company called F-Switch. No I didn't hear of them either until now. I think it's safe to say it's Alps level. Tactile, defined steps, yet easy to scroll and no play between to notches. No accidental overscrolls whatsoever. Literal perfection for me.
The middle click has a perfect acutation force as well, not too light and not too hard either.

The side buttons could use some further improving, they have some pretravel and they are quite mushy to be honest. Not a deal breaker for me though.

Feet, cable

The stock feet are straight up amazing. I like a smooth and low friction glide, and this is definitely top notch. I usually instantly change the feet of my mice to some custom solid PTFE ones, but this one remains unchanged for sure. Just make sure you remove the protective film from them. You can access the two screws holding the mouse together by poking two holes on the bottom feet, as seen on the picture below.

The cable is way more flexible than on the white version. It's rather thick though, but at least it doesn't really generate a lot of friction when it contacts with the mousepad, compared to some other mice's cables.


PixArt PMW3360, the "gold standard" of the mouse community here on OCN. The white version had quite a lot of funky polls that flew across the solar system. Now this version has way less of those, or I just couldn't measure as much of them, it may be sheer luck. There are still some present, but honestly I'm playing with this mouse for a week now and I didn't have a single issue.


DPI divergence
There's some difference between the nominal and the measured values. This test is not 100% accurate, but it's very close.

Paint test
There's no jitter on the reasonable values and no AS whatsoever.

Input lag measurement
The control subject is a Logitech G102 @ 800 DPI. There's 0 input lag until 2000 DPI, then it's 3 ms between 4000 and 6000, and it seems it drops back to 2 ms aferwards. I've measured everything at least 3 times, the values were all the same.

PCS measurement
The sky is the limit.

Polling rate measurement
Stable both on 500 and 1000 Hz, as expected.


Would I recommend it? Yep, definitely. As a matter of fact even I use it as a daily driver since I've got it. And I'm really really picky when it comes to mice.
The QC can be quite random, but it's random with most manufacturers anyways.

I won't say there aren't any rivals for this out there, but I think this mouse definitely does worth its price. As for me, I have found it better than a Zowie ZA12, which has been my favourite mouse for a long time. But everyone's different, what's good for me might not suit your needs.


Size: 122 ? 62 ? 40 mm
Weight: 80 g
Resolution: 400 - 12.000 DPI
Polling rate: 500 - 1000 Hz
Lightning: multi-color
Driver: none
Number of buttons: 5+1

sensor, cable, feet, scroll wheel, shape (intuitive)maybe the coating / side texture

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