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I find the game to be extremely cheesy. Is it harder than Dark Souls games? Well, yes and no. Yes if you're using some unoptimized build without taking advantage of all the tools the game offers you to win, but no if you're using one of the cheese meta builds along with all the items and tools the game gives you at your disposal. Like, for example, there is no reason to not be a mage/ninja hybrid unless you're playing with some sorta self imposed limitation. There are way too many good buffs/debuffs/skills that can turn the tide of a fight from being 100% not winnable, to flawless and winnable in a few seconds.

For example:

Boss tanks hits like a boss, and I feel like I'm tickling them to death with regular attacks, when they can 1-2 shot me. A lot of people try to do this and end up losing 50x to a boss, and end up rage quitting the game in frustration.

Go from the above to:

Lay down paralytic groundfire trap, debuff the boss with weakness, pop a carnage talisman, kite them into the trap, then Iai draw them in the face for a oneshot. Be sure to use that (spoiler) helmet that buffs damage vs paralyzed targets. And yeah, this is how you 'git gud' in Nioh. The fights in Nioh are tuned up enough to compensate at least partly for the player using a diverse variety of tactics.

Min-maxing damage in Nioh is a bit obfuscated, and isn't as direct as it is in Dark Souls games. There are a lot of modifiers that don't give you a flat % amount, nor have any impact on your attack stat in the menu, but could increase your output dramatically, or very little. Like for example, an extra 30% increase to some skill's damage might effectively double the damage you do with that skill. Stacking procs, and situation % damage increases is how people are doing a crap ton of damage. Some of the stuff is flat out mistranslated as well, such as firearms % reduction applying to more than just firearms, but nearly all ranged and elemental attacks.
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