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Hey guys,

So I decided to switch from Ubuntu to Windows 7, gaming abstinence. Obviously there are things that are better on *nix than Windows, but now I'm just inquiring about nifty desktop features.

The first thing I've installed is a workspace switcher. Namely this one. I'm still undecided on compatibility and stability since I've only been running it for a short while but MAN MULTIPLE WORKSPACES ARE SCHWEET!

Now I am looking for the extremely neat location/timezone widget that appears when you click the system clock in GNOME.

I can't be the only one to have fallen in love with this thing. It's even nicer on a laptop, I love just clicking on a location after I've landed at the airport to adjust the time zone.
Okay so that's petty but it's the little things that count.. right?

Does anyone know if anyone has made such a desktop widget/mod for Windows?
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