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no icons,start menu,taskbar????????

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good morning,
my first question,i have a friend of mine's gateway system. and when it boots up you see a background picture but no icons or start menu or anything,when you click the screen -nothing. buit i can get the task manager to come up and thru the new task(run) i can fin everything on the deaktop and the hard drive but most of them wont open up.i get this message[the SHCreateThredRef could not be found in the swapii.dll libary]and it comes up alot with newdev.dll colud not be found. is this a virus problem or a corrupt windows folder?and is there a way to repair or backup the system thru dos? getting really fustrated with it.i have a copy of windows xp that came with the system,and cant do a repair from the boot frm cd option cause of a admin password,but the owner says he has no passwords on the system.and the owner does not want to do a clean install because of some of the programs(quickbooks,ect.)on the system.i tried to copy them to a cd but then cant access the main program to open them.and also he uses aol for his internet connection and all this started after he ran the aol spyware program.so all the help i can get wold be appreciated.
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Just a though,
If all of the listed options fail, you can drop his HDD in your PC as a slave, boot into your windows XP(the one that works), and copy all of his needed files to a CD, return his HDD to his PC, then reinstall windows on his HDD and transfer the files from the CD to the HDD.

With that method you bypass his bad OS and salvage his files.
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