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I have been having trouble with my mb for a while now (it's main problem being refusing to post with anything other than default clocks). My solution to that problem was flashing to a different bios everytime.

This time however, nothing was working and the bios was refusing to start with the CPU overclocked. So I decided to purposely crash it during a bios flash, in hopes of the asus crash free feature to kick in... which it did. I got a message on the screen indicating that it was searching for a file called p5kd.rom file. I had loads of different bios versions on my USB stick so I rebooted with the USB stick in, but after reading it, it still wasn't updating. So I then decided to try resetting the CMOS... Big mistake...

Now the damn thing won't even start at all! No message!! Fans start but no signal on the monitor..

Is there anything I can do!!!!? Please help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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