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No sound

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I have a sound issue apparently while I was away, my brother said the sound on the computer randomly shut off when he first got on it and it haven't worked since. Not exactly sure what to look into to fix this issue either. Speakers are Logitech 2.1. Any help appreciated.
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Re-install the drivers for your card, make sure they are 64-bit. If that doesent work, try flashig your mobo to the latest bios, and if that doesen't work, then I would suspect that your sound card is having issues with Windows 64-bit. Don't rule out the possibility that your brother did something stupid, i know i did stupid stuff to my moms computer before and blamed it on microsoft...
hmmm never thought flashing to the most current bios could fix the issue. I should probably do this later once I find out what it is xD. Any other suggestions or did soulsonicforce say it all?
reinstall with latest drivers. and update the bios maybe? or just check your windows. see if there's any error in windows.
Bumping this thread because my no sound issue is back. Just in the form of hardware
. Speakers just will not come on not for the light of day, very irritating. Any suggestions on what could be causing this? I suppose its a good thing these speakers aren't 1 year old yet
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