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No video on boot with my 8600gt

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So I set up my i7 rig caseless and I gotta use the stock heatsink and a 8600gt since my 8800gts has a waterblock on it already and I wont be setting up watercooling till my case arrives.

So I hooked up everything but on boot I get no video. It is an XFX 8600gt XXX and it works because I tested it on my pentium D rig. Also, everything seems to boot fine, no errors or beeps or anything. I have tried both DVI ports.

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Is your board set too PCIe graphics in the BIOS and not PCI?
I know that my board came set to PCI
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I can't get into BIOS because I get no video. This is the first time I am using the board. I will try resetting cmos now.
I would pull the card and reinstall. That happened to me one time.
i dont think there are buttons just take out the cmos battery for 2mins and put it back in it will reset ur cmos
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