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No VRM temperature readings on XFX Radeon HD4890 ZSFR ?

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Hey all

I was hoping someone in here could help me and my friend Aaron, who is the one in need of some expert guidance. He just bought a XFX Radeon HD4890 model number ZSFR at bestbuy.


Here it is listed at the bottom of their product line at XFX.


Now he wants to do some overclocking, and has bought an aftermarket cooler - Zalman VF1000, and I told him to be concerned about the voltage regulators, because they get extremely hot if they do not have something to cool them down. I asked if he could tell me his current VRM temperatures, but neither GPU-Z, Rivatuner or Everest Ultima will show them, (not sure he has the full package of Everest though).

Now I am on a GTX 285 which I know does not have the Volterra chip, but his should have that one, which is why I am puzzled by the fact GPU-Z will not show the VRM temperatures as VDDC Slave 1,2,3 etc.

I know that if his XFX 4890 ZSFR is not a reference card, he will not be able to see these, but all my search tells me, that it is a reference card. Am I missing something here?

Should Rivatuner 2.24 not also be able to show the VRM temperatures? I know you have to enable something, but perhaps I guided him wrong on that part - could someone explain the procedure so that my friend does not need to worry about frying his card. He is thinking about buying a Zalman ZM-RHS90 to keep the volatge regulators cool, and I told him that that one would fit - hopefully I am not wrong about that? Here is the link to that VRM cooler.


Any help here would be higly appreciated, because I must have spent 10 hours searching the net for answers - thanks.

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Have you tried ATI tool, i'm not sure if its compatible with that card but its worth a shot.

Thank you for confirming. Yes I asked this question over at techpowerup aswell, and people also stated that it is a non reference card, that has analogue PWM. I just wish some times that is would be possible to see such things before you go buy it. There is nothing on bestbuy´s homepage or at XFX´s, that indicates otherwise than this being a reference card. With the many model numbers in XFX product line, they should state which ones are reference design, and which are not and which gives you option on monotoring VRM and not. I guess they make some cheap cards and then puts in a game and have people think, that hey... this is a great deal - but in reality, you are getting a much cheaper card with cheaper components.

What a rip off.

Thanks for replying to my question.

I dont know if i would call it a cheap card. Yes, its not what other 4890's they have made in the past are, but i feel its still a very fast card and made well enough to do the speeds the card are advertised at with no problems generally. What i do think is cheap and i think XFX knows this, is that on there website, they dont have ANY pictures of the new design or any information explaining the differences or that there is even a difference. Everything is old design pictures which is very shady in my book. I think its still a good card, but its overclocking potential seems to have went out the door with the older made cards. I still am not sure if im going to take it back and buy another type of 4890 or keep this one, i guess ill make a decision closer to when my 30 days are up.

EDIT: Another thing i think thats important to keep in mind, is that xfx has a double lifetime warranty. I know its more smoke and mirrors than anything because most of the time you will never use a warranty once the card gets past its initial breakin and no problems are found, but its still nice to know that they will replace it if it breaks, and overclocking AND aftermarket cooling products do not void the warranty. BFG refused to warranty a card i had from them because i put an aftermarket cooler on it, which i did because there crap product was overheating and causing artifacts.
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