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I want to replace my stock Xigmatek CPU cooler fan.

the fan needs to be 92mm and I want something that is (in order of preference):

A) less dba
B) better build quality
C) close in CFMs

The Xig stock fan is a 92mm 2800RPM, 28 dba, 52CFM.

Ive narrowed it down to:

1) Noctua NF-B9 $16.99
1600RPM, 17.6 dba, 37.8CFM

2)Scythe S-FLEX SFF92C $12.45
2000RPM, 25.3 dba, 43.2 CFM

Of the two, which one should I go with? or is there a better option for me.

Also, will I be loosing THAT MUCH performance going from 52 CFM to 37-43? That is if the Xig stock actually moves 52 CFM.

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my board has the option of PMW 4pin and Voltage managed for 3pins for the CPU header, so these fans will only run top speed if temp requires it.

After watching EasyTune, the Xig only records a max of 2580RPMs, not quite the 2800 they claim.

I guess I'll just get them both and see if how they hold up to the Stock Xig fan.

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So which one did you end up going with?

I too would like to find a 92mm cpu-cooler fan replacement.

I have the Shuttle PC SX58J3 Case.

Apparently it uses the same or similar CPU Cooler talked about above.

I searched google for: SX58J3 Replace Fan and I found the following link.


You'll see the poster talks about the Scythe Kama DFS922512M
The only reply praises the Noctua NF-B9

Which one will keep my system quietest without fear of too much heat? I'm using it as a Media Center Computer in the living room. Since the Ceton Quad CableCard PCI Card was a bit hot, I added one silent Antec TrueQuiet 120 fan blowing down.

I tried setting the Bios Fan settings from AUTO to Low, but that's not enough cooling and it over heats on hot days then.

Does the power supply fan make any of the noise? I ended up replacing the power supply fan in my SansDigtial TR5M-B sata enclosure and it's dead quit now. (had a nigh pitched noise)
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