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This thread is so that all of the people that ask on this forum"Will The D14 Fit in my case?" this thread is so that you don't have to make a thread and ease the pain of all of us. I would like for everyone if it fit's and eve n if it doesn't.

What is required.

Case - Make, Model, REV
and - if there was any mods needed to make it fit.


NZXT M59 - no mods needed - theamdman
Antec Nine Hundred - no mods needed - stu.
Silverstone TJO8B-E - no mods needed - stu.
NZXT GAMMA -upper side panel fan cannot be used.- Citra
NZXT Phantom - no mods needed - MetalMax707
Fractal Arc Midi - see willverduzco's post. - Greg1,airdeano,ntrlfive,willverduzco
CoolerMaster HAF 912 - no mods needed - Pittster
CoolerMaster HAF 922 - no mods needed - Pittster
Silverstone Raven RV-02 - no mods needed - Grobinov
Silverstone Fortress FTO2 - no mods needed - KyesaRRi
Antec Performance One P180\P182 - no mods needed - KyesaRRi
Corsair 650D - no mods needed - Anth0789
Corsair 800D - no mods needed - krajee
Corsair 700D - no mods needed - krajee
Xigmatek Elysium - Side Panel fan cannot be used. - 0Amadeus0
CoolerMaster CM 690- top side panel fan requires removal - smash_mouth01
CoolerMaster HAF 932 - no mods needed - d-block
Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 - no mods needed - ACHILEE5
Fractal Design Define XL - no mods needed - rrohbeck
Cooler Master Cosmos S - 200mm fan needs to be removed - ttwerdun
Antec 1200 - some report that side panel needs removed - Malcolm, jags
CoolerMaster HAF X - no mods needed - villain
CoolerMaster Storm Scout - upper 140mm fan may need to be removed - Edge Of Pain, H969
CoolerMaster Storm Sniper - no mods needed - kzone75
CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer - no mods needed -csm725, a 6 foot rabbit
Coolermaster ATCS 840 - no mods needed - Rapid7
Lian-Li PC-P80 - no mods needed - Rapid7
Lian Li v1200 - no mods needed - ikem
Lian Li A05NB - no mods needed - ikem, chaics,theamdman
NZXT Source 210 / 210 Elite - fits, no mods needed - csm725
Fractal Design R3 - no mods needed - csm725
Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 - no mods needed, but very tight - wr3ck3dm1nd
Corsair 300R - Side Panel fans need removed - mattski02

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NZXT Gamma Classic: Fits with no mods. Just don't use the top side panel fan.

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Fits in Corsair 650D by the looks of this picture:


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xigmatek elysium - Side fan had to be removed.

Rather a surprising tight fit for a case of this size.
Moved the fan to the roof.

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Do you think there would be enough room for TY 140 fans in the P180? I measured pretty much exactly 140 mm from top of ram w/ no heatsink to side.
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