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Hey i purchased a noctua Nh-u12p se2, two day ago online. Its still with fedex and will be delievered on tuesday. But i went to noctua's website and i saw a link that said compatibility. So i clicked on it and it showed every mobo possible and next to it it said if it was going to fit that mobo. So i scrolled down to the MSI 790FX-GD70 and this is was i find..

The preinstalled backplate of the mainboard is currently not compatible with the AMD mounting kit. Please contact us at [email protected] on how to get a compatible backplate.

So i was wondering if anyone has this mobo and the noctua cooler i mentioned and weather or not this is true. If it is this sucks,,, i tried emailing noctua about the problem but they havnt emailed me back. So someone please speak up and tell me what they did to get it to fit. You think my v8 backplate would work??

Any help would be much appreciated.
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