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Clearing out my closest of extra hardware. All prices are shipped to US48. Reasonable offers and bundling are accepted

1) 3x Noctua NF A-14FLX: http://noctua.at/en/products/fan/nf-a14-flx all sold

I have all of the cables, adapters and rubber mounts for these fans. They've been running 24/7 in my system for just over 3 years now. No ticking, grinding or other issues. Noctua quality as usual.

$15 per fan, $25 for both $35 for all 3. Shipped in Original packaging

2 Sold. 1 remaining. $15 shipped

All sold

2) 2x Noctua NF-P14 FLX: http://noctua.at/en/products/discontinued-products/nf-p14-flx all sold

These are older. 4 years or so. No ticking, grinding or other issues. Only one of them has all of the adapters and cables. The other is missing the 120-140mm adapters but does have the cables and speed adapters. They make great rear exhaust/intake fans and let you put a 140mm fan where you only have 120mm mounting holes. These have been on the shelf for the last 2 years. Still work just fine

$15 per fan, $25 for both, Shipped in Original packaging

3) 2x Noctua NF-P12: http://noctua.at/en/products/fan/nf-p12 all sold

These are the original NF-P12. NOT the PWN. They've been running 24/7 for the last 4+ years. Very quite, no grinding, ticking or any signs of failure. I have not manage to dig up any adapters for these fan other than the molex power. I'm going to keep looking but since they weren't in my box fan parts I doubt I have them.

$15 per fan, $25 for both. Shipped in Original packaging.

4) OCZ Hydroflow water block. http://martinsliquidlab.i4memory.com/OCZ_Hydroflow_Review.html

Pretty decent block. Great flow. I have modded the bracket so it will mount to 115x sockets. I have an 1155 back plate that will be sent. Studs for mounting to 1366 are also included. I do NOT have hardware for AMD. I will toss in a set of Swiftech 3/8" x 5/8" compression fittings that are in pretty rough sharp cosmetically but other wise perfect. This block is currently in my system awaiting the arrival of my new Apogee Drive II. I will pulled as soon as the new block arrives and given a full detailing . Only run with distilled water with a full copper/stainless loops with Norprene tubing.

$30 shipped. Will come in original box

5) Danger Den TDX: http://martinsliquidlab.i4memory.com/DangerDen-TDX.html

It's an old school block from the "good old days" I bought in the massive fire sale as Danger Den was closing their doors a few years back. I used it for a few months before getting the itch to try something different. Comes with the original mounting hardware. Should fit LAG 775, 115X and 1366. Block has some surface tarnishing on the outside from being handled and just sitting around. It can be cleaned up with a soak in some lemon juice, I can do it if you'd like. Inside of the block is flawless. I'll include either a set of 3/8" OR 1/2" barbs, make sure to let me know.

$20 Shipped Will come in original box.

6) Phobya 280mm rad/fan mount/grill gone

Ideally would like to include in a bundle with other stuff but I'll ship it solo. mounts 2x 140mm fans and/or radiator.

$10 shipped. Free if you spend $35+ and want it.

As I clear out some more stuff I'll be adding more things to the list. Probably some fittings and maybe a res. some point down the road.
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