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nomial temperature for a core 2 quad q9550

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i have a q9550 as mentioned in the rig below and i think its running at a super high temperature. im using the stock intel heatsink. according to nvidia system monitor i have an interesting range of temps not under load from 64-70C under load it jumps to about 85-86 on 3 out of the 4 cores is that normal?
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are you running at stock settings? thats way to high even with the stock heatsink. My guess would be its not seated properly and I would use real temp to check your temps
Sounds like one of your pins on the Heatsink is not in.
No, that's not normal. I think one of the heatsink pins may have come undone. Try using realtemp/coretemp/everest for temps and see if they show lower temps.
everything thats running is on stock. and i have everest corporate and the temperatures are in accurate. since the motherboard i have has an nvidia chipset i am using nvidia system monitor and those are the temps that its reporting. do you have any links to any of the programs that have been mentioned?
well checked my bios and in there it says 76. i dunno which temps to believe. ill check the fan once i get these assignments finished for today.
you need to reseat that heatsink ASAP those temps are way too high. Im overclocked and my temps under full load with Linx get to 60-68.
yeah that is wayyyyyyyy to high.
reseat your heatsink
and make sure it's on properly.
Yea i would check your heatsink asap your idle temps are running above recommened max temps. Clean your heatsink/cpu off and redo the thermal paste.
IF that does not fix it you could just have a bad chip
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in the case of a bad chip what do i do take it back to where i purchased it? also im getting a various amount of temperatures.

the bios when i checked yesterday was showing 76C and now the nvidia system monitor shows 74 on core 1 and cores 2-4 70? this is idle cant get temps under load accuratly
just downloaded and run real temp seems like my cpu is running about 62C core 1 = 62
core 2 = 57
core 3 = 62
core 4 = 62

do those temperatures seem more reasonable?
You need to take your heatsink off and put it back on...also use thermal paste. Something is wrong with the mount for sure! There is no reason to believe your chip is bad...im not sure why anyone would suggest that. lol...its a cooling issue and a reseat of your heatsink will fix it...don't forget the thermal paste!
what do u think in regards to the temperatures i posted above

temps underload

core 1 70-72
core 2 68
core 3 68
core 4 68

do those temps sound reasonable under load or am i still running hot both under load and idle
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