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Non EEC mobo and EEC ram

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Hi guys, i've seen this question asked around the web, but i still get confliction results. At work ive seen some PC2-5300 EEC ram, but my mobo only support non-eec unbuffered memory. Will the server grade memory work? It's left over ram from a server room. Thanks.

Link to modo - ASUS P5N-E SLI
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You'll need a Xeon for ECC support. I want to say if your CPU supports ECC then it should work, but in all honesty not sure about that on 775 specifically.
Ive got the classic Intel Q6600, but im guessing it doesnt support EEC. I think im going to take 4 of bricks and just see if the computer boots. Its going to be a virtual host, so i need the max memory i can get. Thanks for the reply
ECC and non-ECC ram are a different module layout (it was with SDRAM anyway)
im pretty sure the ECC ram will not actually fit into your motherboard

I have like 4gb of ECC DDR ram lieing around somewhere that i dont have a use for as i have no server board, liek 16 sticks of 256mb
You do mean ECC not EEC right?
No ECC Ram will not work on that motherboard, the memory controller is in the chipset on Socket 775, Also I used to have the same motherboard, they almost always have issues with memory if you fill all the dimm slots due to a weak memory controller. with the 4 slots full you will need to raise the northbridge voltage to get it stable, and probably run the ram at a lower speed. First you need Non ECC Ram. Also update to the newest Bios for the board as it improves the ram compatibility a bit
Ok thanks. I didnt try tu use any of the server ram for the machine, but i am getting 4 dimms from a colleague next week. Thanks for the insight folks!
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