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Okay, my understanding is that the smart response technology is to use a smaller ssd to act as a cache for a raid volume, I have several questions about this (if this has been addressed elsewhere, i apologize, I did some looking, didn't see the exact issue addressed)
What I'd like to do is use both of my 1tb drives as a raid volume, setup in raid 1 for redundancy, and then the ssd for a cache, my question(s) are
Is this possible? (i've only seen it talked about as a raid 0 configuration)
and, when installing, this is all going to be fresh, on a fresh build, do i install windows to the raid volume, i'm assuming so, and then setup the ssd as cache afterwards with the smart response technology.
Or, since i have not yet purchased the ssd, would i be better off just using an ssd as a boot drive with windows on it, and then the 2, 1tb drives as a raid 1 volume for storage (and how do you tell windows to store other data on different drives?)
Any and all tips/advice from people who have done similar things would be much appreciated.
The gear that will be used is an Asus p8z68 v, or v pro, an i5 2500k, 8gb of 1866 ram, and the ssd, probably going to be in the 60gb size range.
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