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Noob looking for help!!

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I work in a small office that has 6 or 7 computers all connected to a central server.

I am pretty proficient with PC's in terms of installing operating systems dealing with hardware and all that.

My boss wants me to become our IT guy because of course it is expensive to have a guy come in to do basic stuff like format a PC.

So I have zero experience dealing with a server. It is in our server room on a rack it is a flat type of server and not just a PC acting as a server. So from the beginning say I were to format a hard drive, then connect the Ethernet for our internet what will happen next?
Will the computer be online with no access the the data stored on the server?
Will the computer require a web key that will then connect me to the internet and server data?
If you are connected to the internet at our office does that tie into the server? Like if you are connected you have access?

All I need to know to be able to start at this job is be able to hook a PC up to the network basically and have it be able to access the data on the server.

Thanks for the help getting me started.

Edit: Even if someone can give me a list of things I need to know before I can get help from here?
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A list of basic things to know goes like this, and this comes from experience becuase im in exactly the same place as im a student at college but also their tech as they cant afford one due to the current money problems,

A) u need to find out what this server does, is it the active directory, the firewall, fileserver e.c.t

B) is the internet going to it and then spreading the internet out via a switch or hub to the other computers

c) what is it running atm, windows server 2003/8, linux/smoothwall e.c.t

D) its bascily is a computer inside a diffrent case we have two switchblades (i think) but were not using them and from what i seen is a mobo no to diffrent from a normall one exept it has more ram slots. and u will need 2 ethernet ports, (one in, one out)

let me know if you know the awnsers
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I will have to dig for some of those answers. Right now I no from using a computer that is on the network that.

A) A PC on the network gets a new drive directory (Z: ) and when you open it, it is full of all the files and folders that are on the server. We have a firewall on for certain sites im not sure if that is server related or just something the tech can set through administration settings.

B) The internet thing I can check today i'll just take a peek in the server room.

C) Will have to ask the tech that works on our stuff now. Unless there is a way for me to check myself??

D) Ill get a list of the hardware we use for better reference.

PC- Im also taking some routing and switching courses right now.
Thanks a lot!!
sweet, by the sounds of it, you possibly have active domain and a fileserver, which is all good, some usefull free software you will find is spiceworks, it will show you all the network computer and routers e.c.t that is on your network, and also shows their ipadresses.
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