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Noob needs help

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This will be my first liquid build. I want to cool my vid cards and cpu. They are 2 4870x2 and amd Phenom 9950. My case is a thermaltake Mozart TX, witch is made to handle 2 dual 120 radiators. So if anyone has any idea for any parts and witch way I should go. I don't know if one loop will work with the system but im a total noob so any and all help would be great.
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Oohhh... the Mozart TX. This is gonna be great!

Some recommendations for parts:

Pump: Laing Vario, http://www.petrastechshop.com/lad5smcin12v.htmlLaing non-Vario, DDC

Reservoirs: Swiftech Microres V2 , EK150

GPU Block: Danger Den full-coverage, XSPC (note: I have used the DD block, but not the XSPC)

Radiators: Feser X-Changer, HW Labs, PA120.2

For added performance potential I would add shrouds to the radiators (spaces the fans to eliminate the dead-area caused by the hub), and use 38mm-deep fans for added static pressure and greater blade surface area (generally).

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As long as you aren't overclocking much two 240rad's should be fine. But it looks like the places to mount the fans are too close for two rad's as they are a few mm wider than a normal 120 at least. I think would fit best.

You would only need one pump. I have used the Swiftech 655's and currently use a 355 with a XSPC top. It performs just about the same and is fairly small compared.
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