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Noob Question about when the OC doesn't work

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A couple weeks ago I got a q9650 to put in my P5B mobo. I read a handful of noob OC'ing guides from various sites and noticed that none of the guides explained what to expect or what exactly to do when the OC fails, ie: the computer doesn't post. I would then do a hard reset but 90% of the time I could never get it to post again. What I ended up doing is taking the cmos battery out and then putting it back in which would then let me post but of course my bios settings were back to defaults. Is the correct thing to do?

The beginner OC guides I read were all extremely helpful but don't forget that part of being a noob is not knowing what to expect or what exactly to do when the OC fails!

Thanks for your time.
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You got it right. This is what you have to do unless you have a backup BIOS or CMOS capable of holding multiple sets of settings. With my gigabyte if the settings fail it reboots with the last settings that worked just like windows. If I screw it up too badly the entire BIOS recopies from the backup.
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yep, what he said^.....

all mobos are different and everytime an overclock fails doesn't necessarily mean it will need a cmon reset....

Sometimes if I have an unstable oc, it will post but force me into bios......Others will need a reset on the cmos.....sometimes I'll get a bsod, and it will reboot straight to windows....So it all depends, but once you get used to your hardware, especially your cpu and mobo, you will be quicker and it wont be so annoying lol
hi berger off topic a shade here but whats that avatar
is it one of those puzzle jobs like depending on what way you look at it?

yea its a "need to know" question.
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