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This is my work computer, CPU Intel Core Duo E7400/CPU Cooling Tuniq 120/HD Maxtor ATA 20GB + Western Digital SCSI 232GB/MB ASUS P5N32-E-SLI/Ram 3GB DDR2/PSU Corsair TX650W/Nvidia GeForce 8800GS/Vista Ultimate 64/Case NZXT Alpha Classic.

I recently installed CPU cooler Tuniq tower120 which did not leave any room for side panel fan. So I mounted it on the outside. It looks cool. I did not really need a side fan, temps are low after new CPU cooler and cable management improvements. But I like fans and pretty lights
a lot and we get awfully hot summers here.


I would like to install an optional 120 front fan as well as clean the dust filter, is there a step by step guide anywhere for install of front fan and removing front panel of NZXT Alpha? Also, I read it is better to use a 120X20 slim fan because of the tight fit. Now would this fan be appropriate:

Another dumb question
should it blow in or out? Because for the front fan I want it to blow in, right?

Any help appreciated.

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120x25 would fit but its a pain a 120x20 would be easier I busted a fan blade installing a 120x25 in that case. Yes you want it as an intake fan
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