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Noob sli and cf question.

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If I want to run an sli setup and I have a BFG 8800 gt OC edition, I need to get another BFG 8800 gt OC edition right? Can't be an Evga 8800 gt or BFG 8800gt (non oc edition)?
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Aslong as its a 8800GT with the same amount of VRAM then your good to go!
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They can be different brands, just has to be 8800GT but when in sli the cards will reduce in clock speed to the slowest one. (also cf"crossfire" is for ati cards only)
Ohh damn nice, would a 9800gt work, because it's the same card right?

Originally Posted by Chimeracaust View Post
Ohh damn nice, would a 9800gt work, because it's the same card right?
No it would not.

They don't have the same chipset.
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it can be any 8800GT, but they will be made to work the same.

ie, if one 8800GT has say 1gb of vram, at 700/1750/1000, and the other has 512mb of vram at 600/1500/800, for arguments sake, then they will both match the speed of the slower card, and also, the extra 512mb on the 1gb card will be unused

also, SLI does not give you increased vram. be wary of that
Read this sticky
it will answer most questions you have. Answers to SLI related questions.
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