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Noob to WC

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All I need is a closed loop WC setup for my CPU... nothing fancy... whats a price? or any recommendations?
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Well, if you're just going to cool the cpu, you need a waterblock, radiator, pump, reservoir, and the appropriate tubing/clamps.

Check out frozencpu.com and dangerden.com for supplies. I recommend the D5 pump, maybe a single 120mm radiator with fans pushing and pulling. I also recomment going with 1/2'' diameter tubing, but if you're only doing the cpu, you can go with 3/8'' tubing if you like.

The swiftech apogee is still one of the best universal blocks out there. Good luck.

Edit: For price, I don't think it should be more than $200 USD.
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Thats a good list above....You might want to go with 7/16 x 5/8 tubing, you use it with 1/2" fittings...It flows about as well and is a lot easier to route around in your case..EDIT:Check out Snerps cheap WC guide also.... Snerps Cheap Water Cooling ..... ...Danger Den :: Tubing :: Tubing and Clamps :: 7/16" ID (5/8" OD) Masterkleer General Purpose Clear PVC Tubing

Rad-Box ...To hang your rad on the back of your case..... Swiftech MCB-120 Black 120mm Radbox Kit

There is a "Apogee" give away going on here......Official Shootout 'n Apogee Giveaway. - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

fstfrddy here on the Forum makes a killer CPU block for members here...Stinger WB
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